Board Committees

Finance Committee: Dr. Ami Desai Das, Dr. Sumitrajit Dhar, and Gil Gibori 
This committee meets monthly and reviews items presented by the Chief School Business Official and or requested by committee members. Typical issues reviewed and discussed include but are not limited to: Quarterly Financial Updates (Cash Flow, Revenue, Expenditures, Fund Balances); Financial Projections; Capital project plans, projections, bids; Food service revenue, expenditures, vendor agreements; School fees.

Policy: Dr. Ami Desai Das
This committee convenes to review policies based on IASB’s Policy Reference Education Subscription Service (PRESS) updates. These meetings are held via ZOOM. 

Benefits: Dorothy Elfring
This meeting is convened quarterly and chaired by the Chief School Business Official. The Committee reviews benefits packages available to employees, and expenditures on the benefit plans, and recommends adoption of or discontinuance of certain benefit vendors and /or packages. Benefits must be legally and contractually compliant.

Wilmette Community Special Education Agreement (WCSEA): Gil Gibori
This is a shared services agreement that allows Avoca to access some Wilmette 39 special education services more easily and has Wilmette 39 servicing some aspects of Avoca’s IDEA grant accounting. All monies that flow through as a result of this agreement are from existing grant funds. This body has no revenue-raising power. The “Board” for this cooperative meets three times per year and simply approves the audit, expenditure statements, and budget.

Board of Education Representatives

ED-RED: Gil Gibori
ED-RED was established in the fall of 1971 by seven north suburban high school districts and has expanded to include 13 high school districts, 64 elementary school districts, 2 unit districts, 2 Special Education Cooperatives, and 3 Intermediate Service Centers in Cook and Lake Counties. Legislatively, ED-RED’s area includes all or part of 19 of the present 59 Senate districts and 30 of the 118 House districts. 

Parent-Teacher Council (PTC) Liaisons: Dorothy Elfring and Ross Friedman
Requires attendance at one meeting per month. Board representatives share notes from this meeting with the Board.

2023 Community Engagement Facilitating Team: Dorothy Elfring and Gil Gibori
The Facilitating Team was first brought together on August 29, 2023. This board-based committee of community members and staff was charged with learning about and understanding the options available for how the District can provide financing and facilities that maximize educational impact over time while providing the best long-term financial advantage to the community.