Avoca Significant in Northfield Vision 2040

Avoca Significant in Northfield Vision 2040
Posted on 03/25/2019
Northfield Vision 2040 Subareas Map

Recently the Village of Northfield sent out an invitation to their Subareas Visioning Workshop on April 4 from 7:00 to 8:30 pm at the North Shore Senior Center (161 Northfield Road). Almost all of the subareas under consideration fall partially or entirely in Avoca's boundaries. (See important commercial areas map.)

Whether the plans include multi-unit residential developments, such as the one currently under construction on Winnetka Road in our district, or address other topics as listed in their email linked here, the Village of Northfield encourages you to to voice your opinion. Please plan to attend the Village of Northfield's Subareas Visioning Workshop to share your thoughts. Below is an excerpt from their email:

By participating in the workshop, you can voice your opinion on how important commercial areas including the Village Center, the Central Avenue/Frontage Road commercial area, and the Northfield Road corridor, should be developed.  By joining us and sharing your thoughts, you can help craft the vision for the future of Northfield!


Vision Plan 2040 will address a variety of topics, including community-wide plans for land use and development, transportation, parks and open space, community facilities, infrastructure, and resiliency. The plan will serve as a road map into the future by guiding policy decisions and helping the community achieve its long-term objectives. 


Learn more about Vision Plan 2040 by visiting www.northfieldil.org/visionplan.