Assessment & Grading

Grading System

Formative (daily) work:

  • I check student work/behavior/attitudes daily to form my instruction

  • Some work will be marked by me using the following system:

Star  = This work exceeds grade level expectations for this student

Smiley Face = This work meets grade level expectations for this student

 = This work does not meet grade level expectations for this student

Work that receives a “√” typically will be reviewed and corrected at school with me or, if necessary at home.

Summative (final) assessments:

  • The rubric found on the district report card is used to give feedback on end of unit assessments or more significant assignments. It does not correspond to letter grades (A, B, etc.). The following system is used:

S = Secure: The student demonstrates mastery of this topic and applies it independently.

D = Developing: The student demonstrates inconsistent mastery of this topic.

B = Beginning: The student demonstrates an introductory level of mastery of this topic.

N/A = Not Assessed