Language Arts

The third grade language arts curriculum will develop literate individuals through a balanced program that includes:

  • An engaging and motivating curriculum that grows in complexity throughout the year

  • A comprehensive curriculum that includes reading comprehension, accuracy, fluency, vocabulary development, grammar, writing, literary analysis, and research skills

  • Assessment based, differentiated instruction to meet the individual needs of students

  • Word Study

Our language arts curriculum endeavors to inspire independent reading, critical thinking, and creative writing.


  • Developing comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and vocabulary strategies for fiction and nonfiction texts

  • Provide opportunities to improve reading fluency by further developing the use of appropriate expression, intonation, pacing, and rhythm

  • Explore the characteristics of literary genres

  • Strengthen the identification of the literary elements: genre, main idea, theme, and author’s purpose

  • Reinforce social studies learning through historical fiction book clubs

  • Reinforce science learning through non- fiction book clubs


  • Use the writing process to rehearse, draft, revise, edit,  publish, and celebrate

  • Develop appropriate grammar skills

  • Develop typing skills


  • Develop skills for accessing information using multimedia resources

  • Apply research skills to written and oral presentations using the BIg 6 model

Speaking and Listening

  • Reinforce oral fluency and develop an awareness of an audience through multiple opportunities to speak formally and informally

  • Demonstrate attentive listening by following multi-step directions and offering positive feedback to a speaker

  • Provide opportunities to use appropriate voice and give eye contact during oral presentations