Behavior Expectations

I strongly believe in using positive reinforcement to promote good behavior.  In my classroom I use a “Clip Up” behavior management system.  This systems allows students to move up the behavior spectrum throughout the day.  All students begin the day in the "Ready to Learn" position.

Awesome- student made a good choice

Great Job- student made a good choice

Ready to Learn- all students begin each day here

Slow Down- student needs to think about their choices

Stop and Think- teacher’s warning and/or redirection; an email to
                         parents may be needed 
based on the incident

Each month, students set a behavior goal.  They will try to earn a certain number of greens, purples or pinks.  When they reach their goal, they get to choose a class coupon/reward.  These range from having lunch with the teacher and a friend, to using the teacher's chair for the day.  

I also do a whole class reward system.  When I see the WHOLE class working together or showing good behavior in some way I reward them with putting a fuzzy in a jar.  When the jar is full of fuzzies, we've earned a whole class reward.  This could be a pajama day, movie day or game day.