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Dear Avoca Community Member or Visitor,

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My name is Kaine Osburn and I am proud to serve as the Superintendent for Avoca District 37.  I grew up in Wilmette, attended New Trier (married a New Trier classmate), and I now live in Wilmette where my wife and I are raising two sons.  I grew up knowing about Avoca, being friends with students from District 37, and understanding it was a special place.  As a career educator and educational leader, I have long been aware of Avoca’s reputation for nurturing rigorous learning. 

My work as the new Superintendent in the  2019-20 school year will be focused on learning in depth what makes Avoca West and Marie Murphy the great schools they are every day, understanding exactly how the schools “maximize the unique potential of each child.”  That will mean visiting classrooms, attending school performances, holding parent and community engagement sessions, and, through all of that - listening.  The voices of our students, staff, and parents will guide me in my understanding of not only what makes us a great learning community, but what will make us great as we move forward together.

And in 2019-20 I will establish means by which we can together identify and implement small change, while developing a vision for big change in the future.  Standing still is going backwards, and moving too fast can cause unnecessary mis-steps.  While the well worn proverb about going fast alone or far together is axiomatic, my goal is for us to always be leveraging our agility as a small district while understanding that deep change requires forethought, planning, and care.

What drives me as a leader are: Equity, Relationships, Focus, Perseverance, and Continuous Improvement.  These overlap with many of the District 37 values identified during its last strategic planning process.  I look forward to putting my skills to work on behalf of the Avoca community’s values in the coming years.  Please continue to monitor this website for regular communications about our District’s progress on achieving its strategic goals and fulfilling the mission, vision, and values of the community.


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