Board of Education

2021-2023 Board of Education

2021-2023 Avoca Board of Education
from left to right: Dan Seals; Sarah Balassa; Dr. Ami Desai Das; Gil Gibori; Dr. Gretchen Glader; Vice President, Louise Dechovitz; and President, Dr. Sumitrajit Dhar

Maximize the unique potential of each child

• Develop the whole child so each becomes a confident, well-rounded member of the community
• Attract, develop, and retain high-quality staff who share a passion for teaching, learning and collaborating
• Are recognized for systems that cultivate innovation and high performance 
• Engage and partner with families and our communities
• Effectively and efficiently utilize people, time and fiscal resources 

Core Values
• Develop the Whole Child
• Set High Expectations
• Foster Collaboration
• Strive for Excellence
• Ensure Continuous Improvement
• Strengthen Relationships with Families and Community
• Optimize Resources