Units of Study

  • To download the CPM Sixth Grade Parent Guide click Here 
  • The middle school math curriculum’s focus is to teach students how to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. As mathematicians, we use abstract and quantitative reasoning in order to construct and defend arguments and critique the reasoning of others. Additionally, we practice modeling with mathematics, using appropriate tools strategically, and attending to precision in our calculations and vocabulary. On a daily basis, we look for patterns in our problem-solving and apply those patterns in different situations.
  • All 6th Graders learn the following variety of topics: fractions, decimals, proportional reasoning, rational numbers, algebra (expressions, equations, and inequalities), geometry, and statistics.
  • Math classes are differentiated by ability.  Students are placed in either Regular Math or Accelerated Math.  A student’s placement is determined by a weighting of multiple factors.

  • The Accelerated Math class moves as a faster pace and includes approximately one-third of the seventh grade common core state standards, involving additional work with rational numbers and proportional reasoning.