Assessments and Grading Policy

Grading System

Grades are based on individual participation, paired and group activities, homework, projects, skits and dialogues, and written quizzes.  Each will be assigned different point values that will be added and divided by the total amount of points possible. Please check Powerschool for regularly updated grade reports. Grades in French will be determined by the following categories:
Homework             35%
Participation              30%
Quizzes and Projects         35%


Homework will be assigned several times each week, and should take no longer than 10 minutes.  Please copy the day’s assignment from the board into your planner or visit the homework doc in Google Classroom.  Homework must be completed on time.  When homework is one day late, the grade will go down. 

Class Participation

Participation will happen during activities.  Students are encouraged to participate actively and to remain on-task during group activities.  Your preparation for class, participation in discussions and activities, and your tenacity to speak in French will determine your participation grade.