Homework Expectations

Homework: You should expect to have math homework every night. Time frame: Most assignments should take between 20 to 30 minutes. If you reach 30 min and have not finished, stop working and have a parent sign off on the top of the page. Grading: Answer keys for most homework will be provided at the start of each class. You will grade your homework in class using a pen. We will go over a few questions in class to help you learn from your mistakes. Each day’s work (teamwork and homework combined) will be worth ten points based on effort, work shown, and corrections made in class. How to get full credit on my homework... 1. Complete in your notebook  2. Use pencil 3. Have the proper heading (Chapter.Section.Lesson, Date)  and numbering 4. Show all work  5.  Use tools as directed in instructions (i.e. diagram, grid paper, etc.)  6. Circle, box, or underline your answers. 7. Identify mistakes and make corrections in pen! on work and answers.  8. Ask questions!!!

Late Work:

I expect you to make every effort to complete homework on time. If an assignment is not completed when it is due, rewrite it in your planner for the following evening and be sure to catch up by the next day. Ten percent of the grade (one point) will be deducted for each day an assignment is late.