Mrs. Hoffmeister

Amanda Hoffmeister

7th Grade Math

[email protected]
847.251.3617 ext. 181

Mrs. Hoffmeister

Availability for student help:  

I am available for student help in the mornings from 7:40-7:50, on most days during lunch, and most days after school until 3:45.  

Statement of philosophy:

The seventh grade embarks on a purposeful secondary school experience which addresses the academic, social, and emotional needs of emerging teenagers.  The seventh grade program acts as a bridge between the more nurturing sixth grade and the more independent eighth grade.

Our goal is to ensure that every student experiences both the beauty and the utility of mathematics.  We understand that some students may not see the beauty yet, and might need guidance to gain the appreciation for mathematics we want everyone to have.  We push students to ask questions to make connections and deepen their conceptual understanding in addition to improving their skill base. With this increased understanding, students can realize that the mathematics truly makes sense.  Daily, people use the power of mathematics to explain, explore, conjecture, test, and prove. The uses of mathematics are boundless. (