Units of Study

                                                                         UNITS OF STUDY

The Nature of Science: Scientific Investigations

• Scientific method of problem solving
• Using scientific instruments
• Metric System

Technological Problem Solving
• Next Generation Science Standards: Science and Engineering Practices 1-8
Designing and Building Wind Turbines

Investigating Groundwater
• Groundwater
• Understanding concentrations
• Interpreting maps
• Testing for contamination
• Cleanup plans

Cells: The Building Blocks of Life
• Discovering Cells
• Looking Inside Cells
• Microscopes
• Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells
• Chemistry of Life

Cells: Cell Processes and Energy
• Cell Transportation
• Photosynthesis
• Respiration
• Cell Division

Viruses, Bacteria, and Infectious Diseases
• Viruses
• Bacteria
• Barriers to Pathogens
• Pathogens
• Preventing and Fighting Infectious Diseases