All In For Avoca 37

Open Houses on Facilities and Finances

Options for Our Future
At the heart of our district are our two school buildings, Marie Murphy School and Avoca West Elementary. These schools have nurtured generations of students, fostering academic excellence and personal development. However, both schools face unique safety, maintenance, and other challenges that we must work together to overcome.

More than two years ago, the board recognized that community input was needed to overcome the financial and facility challenges facing our schools. During this time, the community and district have worked together to take a deep dive into district operations, the state of our school buildings, and more. This effort has led to three distinct options for our schools' future:

Conduct necessary maintenance for standard operations, security enhancements, interior space renovations, and minor additions for an improved learning environment.

Build a new elementary school on the Marie Murphy property to replace Avoca West Elementary and refurbish portions of Marie Murphy School.

Build a new Pre-K through 8th grade school on the Marie Murphy property to replace Avoca West Elementary and Marie Murphy School.

At the November 30 board meeting, the Board of Education received a report from the Facilitating Team charged with seeking community engagement and feedback regarding the future of facilities and finances for the District.

The reports are the result of the incredibly hard work of a team of parents, guardians, staff members, and community members and the input of more than 100 people who attended open houses and more than 600 people who responded to a thorough survey. You can view the data and findings under the Resources section below. 

The board is presently discussing the results and will begin deliberations on what to do next. No decisions have been made at this juncture. The best way to follow the progress of the All In For Avoca 37 initiative is to view upcoming board meeting agendas and packets at Diligent Community