Mrs. Allen- Mathematics

Mrs Dana Allen
8th Grade Mathematics Teacher
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Contact Information 
The best way to contact me is via email. 
[email protected]

When is math help? 
Math help is available at the following times:
Before School - 7:35 Daily
Lunch Help - Daily
After School - By Appointment

About Me
I have been teaching at Marie Murphy since the 2002-2003 school year. After spending 15 years teaching 6th grade math, I was excited to switch to 8th grade math beginning in the 2017-18 school year. I have a Bachelor of Science in mathematics from North Park University and a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction from Concordia University. 

Math Department Philosophy
Our goal is to ensure that every student experiences both the beauty and the utility of mathematics.  We understand that some students may not see the beauty yet, and might need guidance to gain the appreciation for mathematics we want everyone to have. We push students to ask questions to make connections and deepen their conceptual understanding in addition to improving their skill base. With this increased understanding, the students can realize that the mathematics truly makes sense.  Daily, people use the power of mathematics to explain, explore, conjecture, test, and prove. The uses of mathematics are boundless. (  

Eighth Grade Math

Eighth grade math students take one of the following three classes: Math 8, Algebra 1, or the New Trier Township Math Program. Students are carefully screened and evaluated in order to ensure that their placements are accurately made. Follow the links on the left to see units of study and class information for both classes, along with assessments, grading information and tips. 

What can I do to challenge my child?
Two websites that I recommend for extra challenge are and