Assessment and Grading

Formative (daily) and summative (final) work are graded throughout the school day to guide my instruction. 

Marking System:

"Fix": Student needs to correct mistakes on the work turned in. 

 Student corrected mistake with or without assistance from the teacher. 

Star/Smiley Face: Student shows mastery of this skill independently and/or all the work was correct. 

Examples:  worksheets in class 

For more summative work (aligns with report card markings):

S = Secure: The student demonstrates mastery of this topic and applies it independently.

D = Developing: The student demonstrates inconsistent mastery of this topic.

B = Beginning: The student demonstrates an introductory level of mastery of this topic.

N/A = Not Assessed

Examples: math unit assessments, projects, presentations, report cards, writing samples