Behavior Expectations

Classroom Discipline System

 believe in using positive reinforcement to promote good behavior.  In my classroom, I use a “Clip” behavior management system.  This systems allows students to move up the behavior spectrum throughout the day, or get reminders if so needed.

Awesome- student made an amazing choice

Great Job- student made a good choice

Ready to Learn- all students begin each day here

Think About It- student's need to rethink their behavior and stay on task

Parent Contact- teacher’s warning and/or redirection; an email to
                         parents may be needed 
based on the incident.

I also use Bader Bucks as a reward system for showing responsibility.  A child can earn a Bader Buck for being on time, turning in homework, filling out their behavior chart, being an outstanding citizen, completing hard work, and for showing many other positive behaviors.  On Fridays, the Bader Store opens and children can purchase objects or opportunities based on the price of their purchase. The class determines what they would like to work for at the beginning of the year.