Math & Reading Strategies

The reading and math strategies classes are designed for students who have demonstrated difficulty in math and ELA classes, but still have appropriate grade-level skills and knowledge. The reading and math strategies class are not remedial classes; rather, they give students an extra 40 minutes a day to work on 7th and 8th grade reading and math topics, in a small class setting where they get more individual attention, making their regularly-scheduled math and ELA class and homework easier.

Reading Strategies
Reading Strategies is designed for students who have appropriate grade-level skills and knowledge, but could benefit from additional literacy support. 

Course Objectives:
•Read widely and often.
•Develop and reinforce comprehension strategies that promote independent reading and learning, while enhancing understanding of fiction and non-fiction text.
•Use critical thinking skills to analyze a variety of texts and communicate through writing and discussion.
•Read text that connects with the learning that is taking place in other content areas. 
•Preview and review content area vocabulary.
•Provide independent reading support. Students will be given time to silently read during class from both assigned literature and/or independent reading books.
•Reading Strategies is a graded class. All students are expected to arrive to class on time with proper materials and participate in daily activities/lessons.

Math Strategies

Course Objectives:

-Whole group explicit instruction (I do, we do, you do)

-Skills based

-Students are active participants in their learning (explain their ideas)

-Teacher constantly monitors for understanding and provides immediate feedback

-Peer assisted instruction (shoulder/table partners to help discuss math concepts)

-Differentiated learning in small groups/individual instruction

-Preview new math concepts for the current unit

-Review old math concepts taught in previous years and constant repetition of current concepts