Behavioral Standards

Student behavioral expectations and rules:

Be on time and ready to go when class starts

Have your uniform, socks and gym shoes everyday for class

Be positive about physical education and be positive towards others in class, no negativity

Be productive and give your best effort

Be polite towards your classmates and teachers

No hats, gum, food or candy in the gym

No bullying at anytime

Be safe, safety is big priority in physical education class

The stage is off limits to be on unless the teacher tells you can go up there

The backdoor of locker room can't be used unless there is an emergency situation.

Respect your classmates

Behavior Policy:  Students must demonstrate respect and appropriate behavior toward other students and faculty at all times.  No student will be allowed to deprive the right of others of the opportunity to learn. Students that are inattentive, disruptive, or behave inappropriately will receive an official warning and receive a teacher signature in the Teacher Comment column of their student planner. If necessary they will be removed from the classroom for a time-out period and be subject to further disciplinary action. If a child receives 3 or more official warnings and teacher signatures in two weeks, the child will be required to serve an after-school detention. A teacher will contact home regarding the disruptive behavior. If a student's misbehavior is chronic or extreme, he or she will be sent to Mr. Palcer's office.  This will result in a more severe disciplinary consequences, including a possible in-school suspension.