Math 8-Units of Study & Class Information

Students in math 8 learn a variety of mathematical skills preparing them for success in high school mathematics. Topics covered include problem solving, simplifying expressions, solving equations, graphing, multiple representations of linear equations, introductory systems of equations, transformations and similarity, exponents, functions, and angles and the Pythagorean Theorem. Click here for more information about specific units of study and standards taught. 

The text used is Core Connections: Course 3, published by College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM). CPM offers a resource for parents to help their students at home. The parent guide includes worked out examples and extra practice. It can be purchased for $20 or downloaded for free.

Click here to purchase a copy ($20) of the CPM Parent Guide, and scroll down to the bottom of the page, where it says, "Core Connections Course 1-3 - Parent Guide with Extra Practice."

Click here to download the Course 3 resources by chapter for free.

The required calculator is the TI-34 Multiview, which can be purchased in the fall through the school.