Behavioral Expectations


Classroom Discipline/Rewards
 believe in teaching and holding students accountable to high expectations for the ways they interact and behave in the classroom. To accomplish this positive learning environment I use the school-wide system of CHAMPS to teach and explicitly set expectations and $tar Bucks to reward students for meeting these expectations, both on an individual level and with a collaborative class level.

Setting expectations with C.H.A.M.P.S. for daily activities 

C= conversation - what our voice levels should be

H= help - what actions should we take if we need help

A = activity - what is the learning structure (independent, group)

M = movement - what movement is allowed during the activity

P = participation - how is one expected to participate

S = have you been successful with the expectations

$tar Bucks

Students are handed $1 in $tar Bucks when they are meeting expectations and being a positive role model for their peers. Students accumulate $tar Bucks to use in our Class Store for rewards (lunch with teacher, reading to another class, etc.). When I see students working together as WHOLE class or showing good behavior in some way, I reward them with Class $tar Bucks. We keep track in a class wallet and when a goal level is reached, the class redeems their ca$h for rewards/parties.