Picture that says Science 

The second grade science curriculum is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Students participate in science within the classroom and have an additional hour of science in the school’s science lab with Ms. Cross.

We will be meeting the Second Grade NGSS with activities and explorations across four main units, so that students can develop grade-appropriate proficiencies in:
  • asking questions and defining problems
  • developing and using models
  • planning and carrying out investigations
  • analyzing and interpreting data
  • constructing explanations and designing solutions
  • engaging in argument from evidence
  • obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information

1.) Animal Biodiversity -- Lessons include:
Biodiversity & Classification
Habitat Diversity
Biodiversity, Habitats, and Species
Biodiversity and Engineering

2.) Plant Adaptations -- Lessons include:
Seed Dispersal
Animal Seed Dispersal
Water, Sunlight, and Plant Growth
Plant Needs and Habitats

3.) Erosion and Earth's Surface -- Lessons include:
Mapping and Earth's Surface Features
Rocks, Sand, and Erosion
Mapping and Severe Weather
Erosion, Earth's Surface, and Landforms
Erosion and Engineering

4.) Material Properties -- Lessons include:
Material Properties and Engineering 
Classify Materials: Insulators
Heating, Cooling, and Phases of Matter
Inventions and Engineering
Materials, Properties, and Engineering
Soil Properties