Social Studies

We live in a world that is increasingly complex and interconnected. Sixth grade social studies will focus on some of the major changes in world history, from the rise of agriculture to the rediscovery of classical values after the Middle Ages. The tension between change and continuity will be analyzed from geographic, religious, political, economic, and social aspects of various world civilizations. Students will also study how different societies generate quite different solutions to common developments and problems.

By the time students graduate from sixth grade, they should have an understanding of how geographic circumstances both enrich and challenge a society; that civilizations can create different economic models to meet the their basic material needs; that the varieties of political organization can vary dramatically; that cultural values often reflect and reinforce other forces at play within a society; and that there is a wide range of religious beliefs in the world that express how different peoples have understood the world.

Specific skills that are emphasized in social studies include critical and reflective thinking, reading and writing, research, working in groups, presentation skills and productive use of technology as a learning tool.

Units of Study in 6th Grade Social Studies:

Unit 1: Identity and Community
Unit 2: Hunters and Gatherers/Mesopotamia
Unit 3: Ancient Egypt
Unit 4: Ancient China
Unit 5: Ancient India
Unit 6: Research Based Informational Writing
Unit 7: Ancient Greece and Rome