Physical Education


Physical education should provide an environment which will allow a child to experience the joy of physical activity and discover the value of personal fitness as part of his/her daily living. It is a forum for students to begin to make responsible and thoughtful decisions relative to their personal health habits and practices. This phase of the general education program should enable a child to internalize and understand the merits of participation, cooperation and tolerance through physical activity.


Students participate in physical education class five days a week and all classes are coeducational. Aside from instruction in a variety of sports, dance and low organized games, strong emphasis is placed on fitness throughout the school year. Each unit is comprised of skill development, lead-up activities and games. Students are expected to know rules, procedures and terminology related to each sport or activity. Proper form of skills and quizzes are administered at the end of a units to evaluate what a student has learned and improved on.


The mission of physical education instruction in Avoca School District #37, a community partnership committed to excellence, is to ensure that all students

  • learn the principles and concepts required to maintain lifelong physical well being;
  • explore, develop and master a range of movement competencies;
  • grow through an understanding and exploration of movement and related principles;
  • respect and accept the abilities and limitations of others and oneself;
  • acquire a sense of healthy competition, balanced by cooperation, teamwork and fair play;
  • participate fully in physical activities, regardless of ability, successfully and safely;
  • learn a variety of basic life-safety skills;
  • build a foundation to make choices, set goals, create and think critically;
  • develop an aesthetic appreciation for the expression of movement;
  • develop an appreciation for cultural diversity;
  • live productive lives in a democratic society;

by providing a challenging curriculum in a nurturing environment that embraces the unique potential of each student.