Units of Study


Science Lab at Avoca West is an extension of the homeroom science class. The time in the lab allows students to extend their learning on a few specific topics within the unit of study.

The content varies as students mature through the grades, but each grade level provides full units that are focused on life science, earth science, and physics.


Life science topics:

1st grade-The Animal Kingdom

2nd grade- The Secret Life of Plants

3rd grade- Heredity and Adaptation

4th grade- Animal Sensation, Processing and Response

5th grade- Ecology


Physical Science Units:

1st grade Sound and Light

2nd grade Material Science

3rd grade Motion and Stability

4th grade Energy Transfer

5th grade Elements and Compounds



Earth Science Content:

1st grade Outer Space

2nd grade Surface Geology and Landforms

3rd grade Weather and Climate

4th grade Geology and Natural Resources

5th grade Earth Systems & Space

New to the 2023-2024 school year, the science lab will be introducing Project Lead the Way Launch to students. This Science- and Engineering-based curriculum uses an activity, project, problem design to guide students into using the engineering design process to solve real world problems. Each grade level will complete one Project Lead the Way Launch module this year.