All In For Avoca 37

Open Houses on Facilities and Finances

All In For Avoca 37 Needs Your Voice! 
Aging buildings, limited funding, and the changing needs of students are all challenges facing our schools. We need your help to find the best way to address these challenges. This fall, join us for All In For Avoca 37, a community-wide effort to review and provide feedback on three options that will secure the long-term future of our district’s finances and facilities.

A team of more than 20 community members, known as the All In For Avoca 37 Facilitating Team, is leading this effort. Their goal is clear: to secure a stable financial path for our schools and update our facilities to create safe and engaging learning environments that prepare our students for the future.

As part of All In For Avoca 37, they are planning a series of community engagement activities this fall where you can:

Take School Building Tours

Step inside our school buildings to see firsthand how our facilities impact education.

Talk with Teachers and Students
Engage in discussions with Avoca 37 educators and students and learn about our facility challenges from those who experience them every day. 

Explore the Financial Impact
Dive into the financial aspects of our facility challenges and potential solutions. 

Ask and Learn about Avoca 37
Have questions about school finance, operations, or facilities? Our events are your chance to connect with experts.

Share Your Thoughts
All In for Avoca 37 is all about feedback! We need to hear your thoughts about the three options to ensure a bright future for our schools.

In the coming months, you will find our community volunteers in your neighborhoods and at local events, inviting you to join us on this journey. Your participation, insights, and voice matter as we forge a path toward a vibrant and sustainable future for Avoca 37 schools.

Options for Our Future
At the heart of our district are our two school buildings, Marie Murphy School and Avoca West Elementary. These schools have nurtured generations of students, fostering academic excellence and personal development. However, both schools face unique safety, maintenance, and other challenges that we must work together to overcome.

More than two years ago, the board recognized that community input was needed to overcome the financial and facility challenges facing our schools. During this time, the community and district have worked together to take a deep dive into district operations, the state of our school buildings, and more. This effort has led to three distinct options for our schools' future:

Conduct necessary maintenance for standard operations, security enhancements, interior space renovations, and minor additions for an improved learning environment.

Build a new elementary school on the Marie Murphy property to replace Avoca West Elementary and refurbish portions of Marie Murphy School.

Build a new Pre-K through 8th grade school on the Marie Murphy property to replace Avoca West Elementary and Marie Murphy School.

Open Houses on Facilities and Finances