Homeless Children's Rights

The Illinois State Board of Education’s policy on the education of homeless children and youth provides that, in accordance with the McKinney-Vento Act:

- “Consistent school attendance by homeless children and youth in their school of origin is important to the success of all learners.  School districts have a responsibility to help foster consistent attendance by reaching out to homeless families and working with them to provide that homeless children and youth continue to attend their school of origin without interruption, wherever possible.”

- Homeless families may also choose to enroll their child in any school that non-homeless students who live in the attendance are in which the child or youth assistance for homeless children is not generally provided at these schools unless the school already provides it to non-homeless children.

- Immediate Enrollment

- By law, Illinois schools must allow a homeless child/youth to enroll in school immediately, even without any records (medical* or school-related), proof of residency or any other documentation.

*If a child/youth lacks immunizations or records of such, the school must refer the parent/guardian to the liaison, who shall help obtain necessary immunizations or records.
Please refer to the applicable Avoca Board of Education policies 6:140, 7:50 and 7:60.

All questions should be directed to the McKinney-Vento Liaison for Avoca School District 37 Kristen Moore, Director of Pupil Services, 847-724-4140, moorek@avoca37.org.