Assessments & Grading

First semester grades(1st and 2nd quarter) will be based on the following: 

  • Homework (Independent work/in-class labs) 55%
  • Tests/Quizzes 45%

 Second semester grades(3rd and 4th quarter) will be based on the following:

  • Homework (Independent work/in-class labs) 50%
  • Tests/Quizzes 50%

Semester Grades are an average of the two quarter grades for that semester.

Grades for assignments and tests are posted in PowerSchool as soon as they are graded.  Grades are based on tests, quizzes, projects, homework assignments, class assignments and in-class labs. 

7th Grade Grading Scale 
A: 90%-100% 
B: 80%-89% 
C: 70%-79% 
D: 60%-69% 
F:59% & below 

Availability for students:

Science help is available every morning from 7:25-7:50.  There is also science help opportunities within the regular classroom setting.  Students may also email with questions and/or to set-up after school or morning appointments for help.