Behavioral Expectations

Process is essential to conducting a Lab Session. The habits for conducting lab experiences, which are developed by students over time, are important to their work in the lab. These expectations increase in skill level as the students mature and enter new grade levels. It is the most highly valued of all of the assessed skills as this is the work where science is in evidence. And evidence is the basis for all science.

Focused Observation
Honest Data Collection
Respect for materials, tools, time constraints
Care and honor living organisms used in explorations
Respect towards others work and thoughts



Communication enriches the lab experience.

It allows us to learn from one another.

Students work in several dynamics where communication is the focal point of the action.

Partner Small Group Whole Class are the 3 basic forms for most of our work.

During these specific conversation modes, students are expected to both share their thoughts and listen to others ideas in response to a Lab event. The dynamics of the conversation dictate the conduct expected.