Assessments & Grading

  1. Following the New Trier High School model students are differentiated into one of three flexible groups: High School Prep, High School Prep with Honors, High School Prep with High Honors.  

  2. Students will be assessed on in classwork , out of classwork, quizzes, and tests

  3. Everything is graded in 8th grade science. Each assessment will be grade for accuracy and development of the ideas. No points are given for completion.

  4. Late work does not always receive full credit.  

  5. 50% of total points will be from homework which includes in class work and labs, homework, labs, and challenge labs.

  6. 50% of total points from tests which include quizzes and tests.

For extra help please have your student email to ask daily questions or setup an after school appointment. From 7:25 to 7:50 each morning I am available for homework help and test preparation advice.