Grade 6

6th Grade

The sixth grade program at Marie Murphy School is based upon elements of the self-contained fifth grade program at Avoca West School, while introducing students to aspects of the middle school and the secondary schedule. Throughout the week, the Sixth Grade Team, a professional learning community, meets to discuss, share, plan, and make decisions in efforts to provide more seamless learning among the various content areas. They share a vision, work and learn collaboratively, and participate in decision making as part of their commitment to student learning.


Check out Google Classroom for all REMOTE LEARNING class information. 


                        *** Upcoming Tests, Projects and Important Links ***

- There is a short quiz every Friday in French.

- There is a short quiz every other week in Spanish class.

PE Volleyball Written Test Thursday, Feb 20th

- Mr. Ogden's Science Links
     - CER Folder

-Cell Structure and Function Google Drive Folder
-Cell Structure and Function Quizlet
-Cell Project Due: Tuesday, March 31

-Mr. Cook's Rome Research Links
--Usborne Quicklinks for “Encyclopedia of the Ancient World” - see page number for links to specific topics

--Quick-Start for Students > Destiny Library Catalogue > Webpath Express (Quick-Start also has links to other school websites - passwords needed) See Quick-start on Marie Murphy homepage (see “For Students") --Roman Daily life

--PBS Roman Empire in 1st Century - focus on Augustus - also check out the “Be the Emperor” Game

--Photos and Reconstructions of Buildings

--Map that changes and shows growth of Roman Empire

Sixth Grade Orientation Slide Show 2019-20
     -To open slide show click here


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