Homework Expectations

The fourth grade teachers adhere to the Avoca West philosophy regarding homework. Some specific guidelines in fourth grade include:

* Homework should be about 30-45 minutes per night (Homework may take longer if a child does not complete work in school due to lack of effort or poor use of time).

* Homework is generally given Monday through Thursday.

* Homework is usually reinforcement or practice of skills taught in school.

* Fourth grade focuses on independent research skills and pacing for long-term projects. Several projects requiring these skills will be assigned and children will be assisted in learning how to complete these, along with the regular daily assignments. Some parental guidance will be necessary as they develop independent strategies to complete ongoing projects. Teachers will provide assistance as well as correspondence detailing these projects.

* Homework expectations are communicated at Open House, through regular teacher correspondence, as well as letters associated with the study skills unit.

* Fourth grade parents should strive toward helping their children develop independent strategies for completing homework and will need to provide assistance and support on an individual basis when needed. When children show a need for additional help, teachers will communicate specific roles parents might play and indicate a need for more assistance on their part.

* Homework is intended to develop study skills and reinforce concepts learned in school. Fourth grade teachers prioritize process over product (e.g. effort is more important than correct answers in many cases. In fact, incorrect answers help in terms of assessing students’ needs and planning lessons accordingly. Therefore, parents do not need to “correct” work.