Behavioral Expectations

Sixth Grade Expectations: 2023-2024

Be Kind

Respect the school community

-Phones and watches turned OFF (NOT JUST SILENCED) and kept in lockers unless directed to take it out by a staff member

-Eating is only allowed during lunch.

-Walk inside the school building.

-Keep gum at home.

-Keep slime or fidgets at home.

Act with integrity

-Come to class on time, ready to learn with completed homework, and required materials 

-Your iPad and Logitech crayon must be fully charged at the beginning of each school day.


Value diverse populations

Empathize with others

Homework Policy:  In each core class students will fill out their planner at the beginning of class and write down their daily homework.  The expectation is that students arrive in class with all their homework done. All homework assignments are listed on each teacher’s Google Classroom as well as the sixth grade homework calendar.  Parents/guardians should confirm that students complete their assignments. Teachers will individually monitor student homework progress. If a concern develops, parents will be contacted. 

Late Work Policy: Late work will be accepted for partial credit until the end of the unit.  Students must email their teacher to let them know that the late work has been submitted.  The name of the assignment should be the subject of the email.

PowerSchool: Students are expected to check PowerSchool weekly to monitor missing and late homework assignments.  We encourage parents/guardians to do so as well.  

Absences: When you are absent, you are responsible for the work that you missed.  You should keep up with missed work by checking Google Classroom, rather than emailing individual teachers.  You will receive an extension that equals the number of days you were absent plus one day.

Marie Murphy Late Arrival Policy: If a student arrives late to school, we require the student to the office to sign-in the student.  Your child will receive either an excused or unexcused (tardy) pass to class.
Tech Support: When experiencing technical difficulty with your iPad, use the [email protected] email.