Social Studies

The kindergarten social studies consists of three units. The first unit is centered citizenship, fairness, responsibility, and choices. Students learn why we need rules and the different types of rules someone may have at home versus school. The class has discussions about what are ok choices versus not ok choices. We learn that even as kindergarteners, we have responsibilities at school and at home. The unit ends with a citizenship ceremony with all the kindergarten classes.

The second unit is a geography unit on location, map, and position. Students learn positional words and apply them to give and follow directions. We also spend time drawing maps of our bedroom and classroom. Lastly, we learn how maps tell us where we are in the world.

The third unit is about career choices and the skills needed for particular careers. Parents and other adults are invited in to share about their jobs and the skills they use to be successful in those jobs. We learn about how various jobs provide a service or a good. We end the unit by creating our own resume and choosing a career.