Advanced Learners

Welcome to the Advanced Learner Webpage

Children express their talents in different ways and at different times. Our small school size allows us to identify the varied needs of students on an individual basis. Flexibility in an Advanced Learner program is therefore essential. The coaching model allows us to best meet the needs of a wide range of students.

What is an Advanced Learner?

At Avoca West, we define “Advanced Learner” as a student who is succeeding with the established curriculum and would benefit from further challenge. We do not formally label students. Teachers and the Advanced Learner Coaches communicate regularly about students who benefit from more challenge in the classroom based on classroom performance and/or assessment results.

What is a ‘coaching model’?

At Avoca West, we have one coach that supports classroom teachers in math and one that supports classroom teachers in English/Language Arts. Coaches meet with teachers on a regular basis to discuss differentiation. This enables us to celebrate, honor and empower Avoca West teachers and provide the most enriching classroom environment for students.

What are the tiers of support?

Our program is tiered based on the needs of students both individually and as a cohort.  

In the Classroom

Our primary goal is to meet students’ needs within the classroom. We want all students to find their daily curriculum enriching and challenging. We work with teachers to examine how their curriculum meets the needs of the students in their classrooms.    

One example of this is helping teachers develop “low-floor high-ceiling” tasks. These tasks have an entry point that allow all students to feel successful but that can be extended to high levels so all students can be challenged to their full potential. Allowing students to have a choice in their topic of study or how they share their knowledge when possible also targets the talents and needs of students.

Flexible groupings

When schedules and needs permit, we may work with short-term flexible groups. These groups would meet to serve a specific goal, such as a book club or topic-based interest group in math. 

Individual Needs Very rarely, a student will need even more than enriched classroom work and flexible groupings. At that point, the teacher and coach will meet to develop a plan to target their individual needs.