What is Co-teaching?

The Avoca School District has many distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from many other school districts. One of the amazing and special characteristics of the Avoca District is that Avoca students have the benefit of learning from two expert teachers throughout their academic careers.

At each grade level in the Avoca District, there is a Learning Resource Teacher (or more formally, a Learning Behavior Specialist) and one or more General Education teacher who co teach the students. Within the areas of Language Arts and Math, students have the advantage of learning from two teachers who are able to bring their specialized areas of expertise to the classroom. Therefore, teachers are able to collaborate within all content areas to ensure the unique needs of students are all being maximized.

Methods of Co-Teaching
There are 5 different methods of co teaching that are utilized in the Avoca District between grades 1-8. The different methods are chosen based on curriculum, learning styles and needs within the classrooms.

One Teach, One Observe 
One teacher leads the instruction, while the other teacher makes observations of student behaviors or learning needs.

Station Teaching 
Teachers divide content and students into groups. The students then rotate through the stations working with both teachers in different groups.

Parallel Teaching
Teachers may divide the class in half and deliver the same content and lesson to separate, smaller groups.

Alternative Teaching
One teacher may work with a large group while the other teacher works with a small group. The goals, content and materials might be different for both groups.

Teachers provide the same instruction at the same time but with different expertise.

One Teach, One Assist
One teacher may deliver the instruction while the other teacher circulates the room supporting students’ needs.